Why is my mouth cold?

I’ve been experiencing an odd sensation in my mouth for some time, and I’m wondering if acid reflux could be the cause. It feels nearly minty and cool, similar to how your breath feels fresh after using mint toothpaste. The roof of my mouth and my throat both feel tingly and chilly; they’re not uncomfortable.

I used to take medicine for acid reflux when I experienced symptoms, but I’m not taking any at the moment. I did have gastritis revealed by an endoscopy I had a while back, and I do occasionally experience heartburn and indigestion.

When I told my doctor about this strange feeling, they didn’t seem to believe me and claimed they had never heard of it. Any advice please?

It seems like your mouth sensation could be linked to acid reflux, especially given your history of gastritis and occasional heartburn. Since your current doctor doesn’t seem to understand, seeking a second opinion might help. Keep track of symptoms, consider lifestyle changes, and discuss medication options.

Consulting a gastroenterologist may provide further insight. Open communication with your healthcare provider is key to finding relief.