Why do my teeth feel weird

My brother has been feeling a weird sensation in his teeth since last month. Initially, it was pressure while eating, making his teeth feel misplaced and tight. Brushing made them feel like they might move or fall out, even though they’re solid.

Recently, his teeth feel swollen or stiff, almost wooden, and hurt a bit, like they’re impacted. He hasn’t had any dental injury. His gums seem healthy—no bleeding, bad breath, or bruxism, and extreme temperatures don’t bother him.

It’s not a major issue but has become an obsession. He’s afraid his teeth might suddenly fall out, making the sensation worse. He’s avoiding hard foods like apples and nuts due to discomfort, but he’s unsure how much is psychological versus real. Even smiling makes them feel tight or like they’re moving.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated. Here’s a pic.