Why am i losing weight during menopause?

Does anyone here also experience low appetite during menopause? I’ve been in menopause a year ago now and I’m always eating on time and have health food. I have also been dealing with a dry mouth like feeling thirsty all the time. I had my thyroid laboratory results back and it is normal. I am worried that thyroid and menopause could have a factor in what I am experiencing now.

My friend went through menopause and had periods with low appetite, even though she ate healthy. Dry mouth can make eating less appealing too. While thyroid is normal, talk to your doctor about menopause symptoms and dry mouth.

Low ppetite and dry mouth during menopause isn’t uncommon, so please don’t worry that much. But please check thyroid levels as hormonal shifts during menopause can also influence these symptoms. Focus on staying hydrated and eating nutrient-rich foods.

Thank you all so much. Will always remember what you all have mentioned.