What is the problem?

I’ve been going through a really difficult time with a variety of health issues that doctors haven’t figured out yet. It’s frustrating because no one seems to believe me, so I’m keeping a detailed list of everything in hopes of finding someone who can help.

The list includes things like bad headaches, blurry vision, muscle tightness, tingling and numbness, dizziness, memory problems, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. These symptoms are affecting my daily life in a big way, making it hard to concentrate, do my job, and even get around safely.

I’m hoping that by sharing this list, someone might recognize a pattern and be able to point me in the right direction for a diagnosis and treatment.

Dealing with undiagnosed health issues is frustrating, especially when it feels like no one believes you. Keeping a detailed list of symptoms is a smart move. Your headaches, blurry vision, muscle tightness, and other symptoms are really impacting your daily life.

Sharing your list might help someone recognize a pattern and point you in the right direction for diagnosis and treatment. Hang in there, and keep advocating for yourself—you deserve answers and support.

Keeping a detailed list is a smart move. Consider seeking a second opinion or consulting specialists like neurologists or rheumatologists who might have insights into these symptoms.

Keep detailed symptom list, great start. See specialist for complex cases - consider neurology.