Well Being icon

The icon of the measurement ‘Well Being’ was a little confusing for me at first.

The down arrow made me think well being was decreasing compared to the day before :joy:

Any suggestions on what you recommend? :smile:

Well that’s difficult. But i’ve searched somewhat and found one that I think fits with Wellbeing :joy:

By the way, will there be anything to track mood in the future? I couldn’t find anything better than well being. Or am i wrong?

I’ll suggest using the same style and size in the log as the factor icons. Gives little improvement to the slick overall view it already is.

Ah I think there is some confusion about the wellbeing icon. The down arrow represents your current score is below your “Goal”.

Also there is a Mood Tracker built into the Measurements section, see screenshot below…

Hahaha OK. Well then maybe it’s an idea to make it more clear what that icon represents. Because at first it wasn’t clear for us both I assume :joy:

About the mood tracker… why isn’t that one displayed for me?
Is it there at default after installing the app? Perhaps i removed it while fuzzing around in the app?

When I search I can’t see it in the list and I can only add it as Custom:

I think we need to make this clear or break out the Mood Tracker and other trackers into their own trackers… But for now, this is how you enable it, please see the screenshot below.

Aaaah OK! Well that’s a little confusing for me :smile:

I was looking why I didn’t see that + button. (See my screenshots here above)
But I’ve found out there are 2 different screens for adding measurements.

One without can be found under Plan > Measurements > +

The one with the + in the upper left corner can be found under Check-in > Measurements > +


I think you’re right. Its better to break that out.

Beside that. I think such common trackers can be pimped with smiley’s / mood faces.