Weight Management

Is it possible to record daily weight measurement?

To clarify my post I have now found, I believe, the way to record and view weight goal and daily measurements. The trouble is I only seem to be able to make entries in whole kg. Fine for a goal but on a daily basis I would have expected 2 decimal places.
Question becomes can one change the number of decimal places in the units of measurement?

Hey Geoff,
This is a good point, as of now it doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but we will fix this for the next build in about 2 weeks.

There are two other things you may do until it is fixed:
1- Create a separate measurement called weight and paste the value and post it (this will work)
2- you can also post the exact measurement for reference in the diary while continuing to use the built-in weight field

not perfect fixes but they will work in the interim.