Weight loss following cessation of methimazole

Hi there,

I’ve gained weight since I began taking methimazole two years ago. Recently, my dosage was reduced from 5mg to 2.5mg, and I’m currently feeling good. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced weight loss after decreasing their methimazole dosage. Thanks for any insights!


It’s great to hear that you’re feeling good after your dosage reduction. Weight changes can indeed occur with changes in medication dosage, including methimazole. Some people may experience weight loss after decreasing their dosage, but individual responses vary. Keep monitoring your progress, stay in touch with your healthcare provider, and focus on healthy habits like balanced nutrition and regular exercise. Remember, everyone’s journey is unique—listen to your body and prioritize your well-being. Wishing you continued success on your health journey!

It’s great to hear that your dosage has been reduced and that you’re feeling better now. Weight fluctuations can be challenging, especially when they’re tied to medication changes. While I can’t speak from personal experience, I’ve heard that adjustments in thyroid medication can indeed impact weight.