Vitamins and Supplements

I want to track the Vitamins I take. And be aware of any interactions

Hello Salsmo.

Be sure to add them in your care plan and add reminders for them. If the app detects any interactions, it will also be displayed in the Care plan! good luck!

Is there a way to add Custom Supplements like Olly? I can’t find a way to add something that has multiple components without adding them individually.

If you want to just store the information for reference you may add it as a note when adding the supplement to your care plan. E.g. Save Vitamin B Complex as the supplement and add the doses of each manually as a note. If you want the sub vitamins to add up to give you total consumption, there is no way of doing it yet.

We are thinking about adding a feature to link multiple ingredients to a parent supplement which would allow you to mark Vitamin B complex as taken which would also mark Folate, B12, etc as taken without needing to check them all each time… Would this solve your issue?