Unable to upgrade or use trial (Apple family conflict)

I’ve downloaded the app and created an account using my Apple account for authentication (associated with my main email associated with that account). As I haven’t yet paid for any *ubscription, I get the nags and limitations of the free version.

I’ve directed my father to upgrade and he’s on the free trial right now. We’re exploring using CareClinic to track his medical care.

I attempted to upgrade to see what features the upgraded version might offer me as a caregiver, but when I attempt to upgrade, I get an error. It says that someone in my family has already subscribed, that a *ubscription is not needed, yet the app remains unactivated. If I try to recover a previous purchase, it doesn’t find one.

At least, that was my experience on Tuesday. Today, however, when I tried to upgrade, it was successful. I was going to capture some screenshots of the problem, but the *ubscription went through.

I need to find out if my dad maybe cancelled his *ubscription.

Do members of an Apple family share a *ubscription?

I confirmed that I was able to sign up for the trial only because my dad had cancelled his renewal. It seems that only one member of an Apple family can sign up for a *ubscription at one time, even though the Apple UI seems to suggest that Apple family members can share a *ubscription. It would be nice if the CareClinic App could either honor this expectation or find some way to support family members.

Hello, are you referring to Family Share? If so, this policy was applicable for CareClinic 3 years ago, and unfortunately, Apple does not allow us to turn it off…ever… that is why we make no reference of it anywhere. I will get back to you with more details soon.

I’m talking about the “Family” in the Apple ecosystem, and “Family Sharing” as described in Family Sharing - Apple. If I go to my iPhone Settings, under Family, Subscriptions, it says “Apple *ubscriptions, except iCloud+, are automatically shared with your family. You can choose which eligible App Store *ubscriptions you want to share.”

I don’t think Apple’s description is accurate. Or maybe it was, and the only option would have been for my father to disable sharing after starting a trial *ubscription. In my experience, it wasn’t possible for me to have a *ubscription if my father already had one, since we are in the same family.

You may be right - that if the app opted into the feature that it can’t opt out. I’m sorry to hear that. Since you’re bound to it, you may want to consider honoring it, rather than the current model which is unusable and led to us seeking out a different solution.

Yes its more of an issue with Apple than us, they don’t have the setting to disable it. Technically the platform is not setup to do what you are asking so we can’t make it happen unfortunately.