Turmeric eustachian tube dysfunction

Hey guys I know we all pass through bouts of ups and downs with this condition, but I was reading that apparently positive thinking does wonders for helping speed up recovery! So try stay positive and remember you aren’t the only one going through this, it is a horrible condition but we could be off much worse (actually having 100% hearing loss).

I’m not one to talk as I too have my really pessimistic days such as earlier today when I was trying to study for my exams and I just couldn’t focus but at the end of the day I do believe our bodies know that there is something off and they will heal with time even though it might take quite a while.

Another important point I wanted to list is: Please don’t compare your life right now to how it was prior to this condition as it will just make the situation a million times worse for you, consider this as a challenge which you will conquer at the end of the day. I am quite sure this is not permanent it does not make sense for it to be and although it might take time for it to heal it definitely will (depending on its cause of course) slight update to I have started taking tea with ginger turmeric honey and lemon, I’m not one to usually believe in this natural remedy stuff as my mind is quite scientific but I thought i might give it a shot as alt of people I know swear by it.