Too much shingles

Please help me.
Hello, I’m new here and found this forum while looking for others with similar experiences.

I first had shingles around age 10 or 11, then again at 13, and since then, it’s recurred 2-3 times a year, sometimes more frequently. At 22, I’ve had it nearly 30 times.

My experience with shingles doesn’t align with what I’ve read online. It’s occurred in five different areas: two on my right neck/shoulder, two on both sides of my mid-back, and occasionally on my lower stomach.

The outbreaks involve muscle aches, itching, burning, and tingling, lasting 2-3 weeks and occurring every 3-6 months. Stomach outbreaks are larger and come with severe flu-like symptoms.

I’ve noticed sunburns can trigger neck outbreaks, but not always. I have no idea what triggers the other locations.

Due to financial constraints, I lack insurance and access to healthcare. I’ve been using tea tree oil as treatment. The only time I saw a doctor was at 14, who confirmed shingles but didn’t mention autoimmune disorders.

I worry about organ damage or outbreaks affecting my face and senses. I appreciate any support or advice.

Seek urgent medical attention due to the severity and frequency of your outbreaks. Explore low-cost healthcare options like community or free clinics. Consider alternative treatments beyond tea tree oil, such as over-the-counter medications or natural remedies suggested by healthcare providers. Monitor potential triggers like stress and diet to prevent future occurrences. Focus on maintaining overall health with a balanced lifestyle to bolster your immune system. Remember to prioritize seeking professional medical guidance for this chronic condition.

I’m really sorry to hear about your struggles with shingles. It sounds incredibly challenging to deal with such frequent and painful outbreaks, especially without consistent access to healthcare. It must be frustrating not knowing exactly what triggers these episodes in different areas of your body. Tea tree oil can offer some relief, but I understand it’s not a comprehensive solution.