Tingling in rectum

I was diagnosed with internal haemorrhoids last year following a sigmoidoscopy which was only done to put my mind at rest as I was convinced there was something wrong despite having no bleeding or change of bowel habit.

Two days ago I had the sensation of keep needing to empty my bowels but hardly managed to do anything, I thought it was constipation and increased my water and fruit intake. Yesterday I felt slightly better but had a strange intermittent tingling/crawling sensation in my rectum. I have opened my bowels three times this morning without any difficulty but the strange intermittent tingling/crawling sensation is still there and I do keep feeling I haven’t emptied my bowel completely.

There is no mucus, bleeding or itching.

I wonder if my internal piles are causing the intermittent tingling/crawling sensation in my rectum and if I should try a haemorrhoid cream?

I do suffer from health anxiety so any advice would really be appreciated.