Thermal spring water

I wanted to share an update about my laser hair removal journey. Although I’m not using it as a treatment for HS, it has been incredibly helpful for making me more comfortable during flare-ups and eliminating the hassle of shaving.

After each session, the clinic applies aloe vera gel followed by a spray of thermal spring water. They use the Avene brand, but similar products from La Roche Posay and Vichy should work just as well. I already had a bottle of thermal spring water spray at home and decided to look into its benefits. It turns out it’s packed with minerals that can soften and soothe sensitive or inflamed skin.

I came across a review where someone mentioned her husband uses this spray after shaving to reduce ingrown hairs, and it’s been very effective for him. Inspired by this, I started using the spray once a day on my face and underarms. The results have been incredible! Some stubborn cysts that have been lingering for months are now almost gone after just a few months of use.

However, I haven’t been using the spray on my inguinal area, and it’s still as problematic as ever. I’d love for some of you to try this spray and see if it helps. It’s as simple as spraying it on once or twice a day. I was skeptical at first, but I’ve noticed a significant improvement, so it would be great to hear if it benefits anyone else.

Currently, I’m not on any medication for HS, so I don’t think anything else is contributing to this improvement. It could be the laser hair removal, but if that were the case, my inguinal area would likely be better too, which it isn’t.

Let me know if you decide to try it and how it works for you!