Symptoms changing to different symptoms in reports

Hi, I just started using this app recently and it seems quite useful, or at least it did until I noticed some of the symptoms I logged (of which there are many) have changed to different symptoms that I don’t have in the reports section. This makes the app worse than useless, because I don’t know what some of them were anymore. The only solution I’ve thought of is to replace all pre-loaded symptoms with custom ones, since those don’t seem to be effected. Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone know of a better solution? I assume it’s a bug.

For example, light sensitivity (photophobia) has changed to post surgical pain in multiple places. Other symptoms I am having trouble identifying have changed to “malaria symptom,” “threw up,” and more. If it’s not already obvious, I haven’t had surgery, don’t have malaria, and didn’t throw up.

UPDATE: I just checked again, and one of my custom symptoms has changed to malaria symptom, which means my theory that I could solve the issue or workaround it by replacing every sympto with a custom one will not work.

Hi Meeble,
Can you provide additional information as to which version of the app you are using and on which platform?