Symptoms changing to different symptoms in reports

Hi, I just started using this app recently and it seems quite useful, or at least it did until I noticed some of the symptoms I logged (of which there are many) have changed to different symptoms that I don’t have in the reports section. This makes the app worse than useless, because I don’t know what some of them were anymore. The only solution I’ve thought of is to replace all pre-loaded symptoms with custom ones, since those don’t seem to be effected. Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone know of a better solution? I assume it’s a bug.

For example, light sensitivity (photophobia) has changed to post surgical pain in multiple places. Other symptoms I am having trouble identifying have changed to “malaria symptom,” “threw up,” and more. If it’s not already obvious, I haven’t had surgery, don’t have malaria, and didn’t throw up.

UPDATE: I just checked again, and one of my custom symptoms has changed to malaria symptom, which means my theory that I could solve the issue or workaround it by replacing every sympto with a custom one will not work.

Hi Meeble,
Can you provide additional information as to which version of the app you are using and on which platform?

The same thing happened to me this morning after I first downloaded the app and registered as a premium user. My problems begin instantly. I registered with my email, not another user name, but the program assigned me one anyway. I chose a generated secure password which I stored in my password vault. I added four symptoms to the Symptom Tracker and three medications to the Medication tracker this morning before 10 am and all seven entries were marked in your app with the various times between 9:15 am and 9:45 am that I saved them.

Soon, my data started changing. First, the four symptoms that I added had their entry times changed to between 8:11 pm and 8:23 pm. Then, by 11:06 am, all of the data that I had entered in the Symptoms Tracker had disappeared, as had two medications, and the time entries had been changed again to 11:06 am!

This is not a stable or reliable application. Health information should be guarded with strict privacy. Here, it disappears from one user’s application and, apparently, can appear on another person’s application. I’m awaiting the developer’s response to my email.

Hello pbrightbill, sorry to hear this, but can you confirm you tapped “Track” and then tapped “Post” in the Check-in screen to store the entries you recorded in the trackers?

Additionally, the time 11:06 is your system time (local time) based on when you are checking-in.

I hope that clarifies