Streak not accurate

I’ve been using the premium app for 3 days now, but it shows I only have a one day “streak” and a 10 day “longest streak,” even though I haven’t been using it for 10 days. The “longest streak” does increase each day, but the “streak” remains at 1.

Hello, thanks for pointing this out, can you share which version you are on? We’ve redone the streaks code to account for any edits a user does. Did you happen to post to different days or edit any past entries? Regardless, it is fixed and we will be releasing an update for iOS as v5.1 in a few days.

It is version 5.0 so I’ll just look forward to the update.

Yes I did edit entries when I first downloaded the app a few days ago.

I will say that I’ve had this problem continue; it just says one streak despite doing it for more than 13 days.

Hello, can you confirm you are on v5.1? If it persists please let us know, make sure to sync the App.