Sleep app not fully integrated

I feel that the sleep app for iPhone isn’t fully integrated. The information it’s recording isn’t a reflection of the information that the app tracks. For instance time in bed versus actual sleep is an important data point that isn’t being reflected in the information careclinic takes/records. Not only that it isn’t recording the actual sleep time - it’s recording the time in bed - which again isn’t a reflection of the data.

I have screenshots, however it will not allow me to add 2 photos to my post.

Hello Lauren, can you private message me the photos (even 1 at a time) if possible and I’ll take a look. Thanks

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Is the asleep time being posted to Apple Health itself?

At the moment we only fetch time in bed from Apple health but I can send a request to implement actual sleep time, which shouldn’t be much of an issue. We’re also planning on adding nap times soon.

Thanks! Love the naps idea.

Here are screen shots of what the health app has versus what was recorded into the logs

Do you have everything you need?

Hi Lauren,

We have implemented a temporary fix and are awaiting Apple to release v3.5 – We essentially now look for “Time asleep” and if that’s not present show the Time in bed value.

In about another 2 weeks, we will have the other changes above (ability to see both time in bed AND time a sleep, along with naps). Were working hard to do this all in a timely manner! Please bare with us.