Shingles in scalp

Hi All,

I’ve been dealing with shingle-like symptoms for 2 years now. It started on the right side of my scalp, twitching and cramping pain with a (very difficult to see) rash. I’ve experienced a whole host of horrible symptoms, chronic burning pain (ongoing), twitching muscles in the face, reduced sensation down my right side, slight swelling on my face, ear pain (always blocked but no sign of infection), jaw pain, sore throat, burning pain in mouth, and spots in my mouth and on the scalp. Seen by neurologist, who says it’s a Chronic fatigue type illness (I’m not buying it, although I’m very drained by the pain!). My GP is lost but won’t refer me on to a specialist, he has just increased nerve pain blockers, which hasn’t helped. He thinks that it’s likely to be the aftermath of shingles, rather than recurring (I get spots and have a constant red rash on my head and nape). My GP says that I’m unlikely to be predisposed to shingles due to my age, but my Mum and siblings have all experienced similar issues. I’m at the point of just taking out a loan to see a private specialist, but I don’t know what kind of doctor to see?

Any advice would be welcomed, many thanks.