Sertraline - my 8 week story

After eight weeks on 50mg of Sertraline, I wanted to share some encouragement. The first four weeks were tough – feeling hopeless, insecure, and overwhelmed. I kept hoping for improvement, but it wasn’t until week eight that things started to change. Anxiety faded, I regained focus, and tasks became enjoyable again. I’m now about 85% back to myself.

Regarding side effects, I’ve experienced fatigue, loose stools (though improving), decreased sex drive, and difficulty orgasming. Despite feeling hungry all the time, I’ve maintained my weight due to staying active.

In my experience, Sertraline takes time to work, about 8-9 weeks. Don’t lose hope during the process. It’s worth sticking with it before considering dosage adjustments or alternatives. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for support.

I’m in a similar boat with Sertraline. It’s been tough, especially during the first few weeks. Hearing your story gives me hope that things will improve. Thanks for being honest about the side effects, too. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone. Let’s keep pushing forward together!