Retinal detachment surgery recovery time

Hi All,

I had a retinal detachment that included the macula in late September in my right eye losing most of my vision. I got in as an emergency within 24-48 hrs of detachment starting. My eye doctor injected a bubble with the pneumatic retinopexy procedure and two days later did cryopexy to secure the retina in place.

He says the retina looks great and healing very well. The bubble finally dissolved yesterday after a good month. I was hoping my vision would better with the bubble gone. Vision is 20/30 but still slight distorted, wavy and objects are about 15-20% smaller than my good eye.

Any thoughts/experiences on how long it may take to get back to normal 20/20 vision? I hope it continues to improve over time, but if it doesn’t I’m very thankful to regain most of my sight…

You’ve done so well. Hopefully improvement will continue.

What caused your RD?

It was due to vitreous detachment. I also had cataract surgery earlier in the year which increased my risk.