Reports / Logs - No Refreshing with Selected Health Plan

Ive found at least 5 very annoying bugs. I will most likely not renew this app unless at least a few of these bugs are fixed ASAP. The most important bug is related to reports. / logs. this is easy to replicate.
I have 3 Care Plans. When switching plans, the reports / logs page does not refresh according to the care plan I have selected on the check in page. The only way I can force it to display the logs for the care plan that is listed on the check in page is by posting a check in.
Solution: When a different care plan is selected, the reports page must also be refreshed accordingly.
Ive also noticed bugs with editing / deleting entries and the log still not refreshing according to the changes made, however I can not get it to duplicate everytime so Im still trying to figure that out exactly when that happens. The problem is Im not willing to find all the bugs to make this worth monthly cost. In all fairness, its possible Im doing something wrong so it could be my problem. However, I was a programmer for about 10 years and I was also a tester for about 2 years so I understand user error better than most.

You can do this by tapping the Date in The Logs + Reports screen and selecting the care plan you want to see logs and reports for.

A check-in change of care plans won’t change the reports because you haven’t actually posted anything to it and may just be viewing. Once you actually post to that care plan, the app knows you probably also want to see check-ins/reports for that care plan as well.

There is an issue we fixed as it pertains to editing related to dates for certain trackers in this build. Do let me know of any other issues you are facing.