Quick Check in really weird behaviour - Bug


I couldn’t send this video with a bugreport.
It’s a screenrecording to show the weird behaviour of the Quick check in.

When I try to add a Diary entry with the quick checkin button it doesn’t get added to the log.
When I do a normal Checkin it does work.

When I try to add a Diary entry with the Quick Checkin button that contains a photo it is added to the log.
When I try to add a Diary entry after the one with the photo with Quick checkin that only contains text. The previous Quick Checkin with the photo is added again.
This keeps going on.
I can’t delete the added Checkins with the photo…
I’ve used v4.25

You can see the behaviour in the video I shared below.

Weird behaviour Quick Check In

Thank you, we will try to reproduce this and try to issue a fix asap. I will update you once its done.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with Android 13.

Let me know if I can help with additional information.

Regards David

We have fixed this issue and will be releasing an update shortly. thanks for reporting it.

Ah great. That’s a quick fix.

Thank you. I’ll purchase a plan to see how things work with that fix because the trial period is ended.

Fixed. Please update.

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