Purchased annual plan, stuck in free version

I’m running version 3.5 on Apple IOS 15.5. It was stuck on synch for over a day. I finally deleted the app and reinstalled it, but now after logging in with the email that I used to purchase the annual plan, it is the free version.

Hello, can you try to restore your purchase once more/log out/log in.

This is an issue with a service we use to manage subs which is reporting previous subscriptions date rather than the newest ones.

This should fix it, ps, also consider upgrading to v3.6!

I upgraded to the new version and it began to synch. It’s been synching for over an hour so maybe it’s getting the missed week of data. When that was done, I logged out and logged back in, I immediately got the pay screen. I tried hitting restore purchase, but it says “sorry it doesn’t seem like you have upgraded”

This is now fixed, please try again.

Seems to be fixed. Thanks so much. The nag screen was driving me nuts.