Persistent survey

Every day I get asked if I’m enjoying the app and am willing to take a survey. Although there is a “no” button, if I press it, the survey still comes up. I’ve completed it a few times now in hopes it will stop coming up, but no luck.

Please fix. It’s aggravating.

Hello, sorry that you are seeing this. Are you on version 3.1? and have you tapped Yes and rated the app? We are looking into this.

I have to agree. Pop up every time I check in. When I hit no, it tries to take me to the survey. I use the app on a backup phone that serves as an mp3/podcast player, so it’s not connected to a network. The survey tries to load for about 30 seconds and then I can back out of it. Tonight I got it while I was connected to a server to download new episodes of my shows so Iook the survey. Hopefully it leaves me alone now. I had to give it less than 5 stars because of the aggressiveness. I am on version 3.1.

Sorry about that this is a bug, it should be mostly fixed on v3.2 – we are going to potentially remove it altogether in v3.3!

If you haven’t done so, you may manually upgrade to v3.2 from the App Store or wait till it rolls out to your device. There are countless upgrades.