Perineum repair surgery


I had surgery 1 week ago for a perineal repair and rectocele. I did not have a posterior prolapse but my perenium healed open after the birth of my second child and it was all pretty grim. After the operation my surgeon told me I had literally no tissue left on the right hand side so he has stitched all of that and the stitches are very deep and will likely take 10-12 weeks to dissolve. I was checked yesterday as have a low fever and given antibiotics but he said currently that’s he’s really happy with how it’s ‘come together’ (ewww!!)

Anyway, I’m 30, I have two kids who are 20 months old and 3 years old and divorced from their dad. Luckily I have spent the week in bed and my mum is taking care of my babes. My main questions are about recovery? How long did you find until you were able to be up and about all day? I still feel very faint (apparently I bled out a lot), my tummy feels like it’s going to fall out like empty… and of course pain down below! Any advice much appreciated!!!

P.s I’m in the uk (not that this makes much difference ha!)