Painless bump on upper lip

Six months ago, I took a fall, broke my front teeth, and bit the inside of my lip. Now, I’ve got this annoying hard lump that won’t go away despite massaging it as advised. GP says it’s scar tissue.
Wondering if it’s normal for it to stick around this long. Has anyone tried steroid injections for this? And has anyone had the scar tissue cut out? Was it worth it? Thanks for any advice!

Sounds rough! Totally normal to have scar tissue linger after an injury that long. Steroid injections and excision are both options. Here’s what I found:

Steroid injections: Can reduce inflammation and lump size, but results vary.
Scar excision: More permanent solution, but comes with some downtime and potential for scarring itself.

Both have pros and cons. Maybe ask your GP about which might be best for you?