Otalgia on eight ear

I you could help me, please do so.

Two years ago, after taking a shower, I experienced a sudden sensation of intense pressure in my right ear when I returned to my room. Since then, my right ear has remained blocked, accompanied by a persistent feeling of pressure. Despite consulting around 10 different doctors and undergoing various tests including a head tomography, audio tests, blood tests, and others, all results have come back normal. None of the doctors have been able to diagnose my issue definitively. Some suggested it could be related to a eustachian tube problem, while others speculated it might be linked to depression and could resolve on its own. I have no hearing loss, pain, or any other symptoms apart from this constant pressure sensation in my right ear. If anyone has any insights or answers, I would greatly appreciate the help. I’ve come across similar posts where people describe the same problem, and I wonder if stress could be a contributing factor. Living with this constant pressure sensation is incredibly uncomfortable, and I’m desperate for a solution.

I understand how tough it must be dealing with this discomfort despite seeing many doctors. Stress can make things worse, even for ear issues. Have you thought about talking to someone who knows about managing stress, or trying out relaxation methods to see if they help ease the pressure?

Since all your tests have come back normal, stress or anxiety might be contributing factors. Consider trying stress management techniques like meditation or therapy. Also, seek out an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist for further evaluation.

See ENT specialist for ear issues. Try stress management (meditation, deep breathing) in case it helps.