Opinion on trial period

I’d like to give my opinion on the trial period of the app. It is way to short if you ask me.

I searched the Playstore for a app that suits my needs. That alone can be a time consuming experience.
After I found this app I didn’t have a lot of time left to check out the app and set it up the way I think it can be helpfull for my usecase.

As a caregiver it is often challenging to find some time. After I’ve found some time it was 3 days later in the trial time.
I experienced a bug while setting it up try to use it. So i searched some time to report it and submit a screenrecording video.
After that I wanted to try some more features like adding caregivers and changing some options. But before I could really give it a try using it, the trial was over.

Now I’m a little tech experienced. I work as a IT Professional. I wonder if informal caregivers really can give this app a chance to see what it can do for them.
In my opinion 14 to 30 days would be a far more realistic to give it a fair chance.

Keep in mind the huge amount of options and versatility this app has to offer. And the fact that the number one priority of informal care givers is the care for their loved one. Their life is busy so I guess it takes more time for them to trial the app.

Isn’t it better to give users a fair trial period so they can give it a good shot? I guess that they are more willing to take a annual plan because they have really seen what it can do for them.

Understood, thanks for your feedback. We will discuss this internally.