Not hungry after colonoscopy

Had a pretty unpleasant few weeks, intestinally speaking. I had a bout of diverticulitis in late May (I’ve had recurrent bouts for years, even after surgery), took the usual course of antibiotics, and then, about 5 days later, had my regularly scheduled colonoscopy with several small polyps removed. The next day, I had significant intestinal discomfort, and particularly painful gas pains which lasted quite a while. I seemed to develop IBS tending toward constipation, which is unusual for me. I had a hard time sleeping due to the discomfort, and was generally miserable. The gas pressure even extended to my back - just awful. In other words, I have felt pretty lousy since the colonoscopy.

I finally got the constipation somewhat under control, but find that I now have essentially NO appetite. This came on gradually while I was hurting so much, and now have to force myself to nibble on anything; I’m just on the verge of nausea.

I’ve been taking probiotics, as I figure the antibiotics and then the colonoscopy really did a number on the good bacteria. I saw my doctor today, and she prescribed an antidepressant (which I needed) that is supposed to help with both sleep and appetite. I sure hope so.

I’ve had plenty of colonoscopies, but never had a reaction like this before; a perfect storm of abdominal misery. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?