No direct customer support

I was looking at moving to this app and paid the fee for a month to see all it can do. Wow. I was surprised to find it so confusing and lacked key things like an export or even being able to delete care plans…what the what? But I was. Wet surprised to see that contact support is basically a community feature that requires separate set up. There is a ton of potential here but it appears that it is a one person team that just doesn’t have the bandwidth.

Hello Smallean,
Thanks for using CareClinic, let me answer your questions 1 by 1 below:

  1. We do allow the exporting of various reports through our web platform in .csv format, and we are slowly allowing for more reports to be exported. We also hope that our Care Team functionality can allow you to share reports directly with any care giver or dependent.
  2. We understand mistakes happen, and we do allow you to “Archive” care plans which hides them from your view via the web. Alternatively you may also create a new care plan. This new care plan can be your default care plan so you never need to worry about any previous care plans in your account.
  1. The reason for a new account for the community is due to privacy and security reasons as stated in the main pinned thread.
  2. We are a growing team that is continuously striving to provide value to all users.

I cannot find how to archive a care plan.

I do agree there should be an easy way to delete care plans. I would not have picked one of the ones being featured has I known it was this difficult to get rid of.

I’m looking to keep my care plans clean and uncluttered so a delete feature would be best, but I’ll settle for being able to archive and get it out of sight. Thanks!


We will be releasing a new version with the ability to archive/delete care plans soon. Alternatively, you may: Create a New Care Plan and set it as your default, and turn off all reminders for the previous care plan.

Hope that helps!