Newbie - this app is NOT intuitive. Is there a tutorial?

I have no idea where to begin with this app. I started with a diary entry today for times and medications taken. The diary entry now seems to be gone. How do I view past diary entries? Is there a tutorial document or video? I have already searched youtube and nothing. If no tutorial or instruction, I need to get a refund.

Hi! I felt the same way! I did figure it out after about 3 weeks of messing around on here daily. You should be able to pull up your diary entries. Here’s what you do:
-Click on reports on the bottom of the main app
-click on the calendar icon on the top right in reports
-click on the drop down bar and select the care plan that has the diary entries you want (for example I have a care plan for anxiety and for possible CFS, so as far as I can figure out you can only look at the diary entries for each plan not every diary entry across all of them)
-click on the date range for the entries you want
-click the green apply button

Your logs should come up and any diary entry should also be in there. Hope that helps! Keep trying it. It is NOT intuitive but once you figure it out I think it’s a good app.

Also just FYI it took their customer service about 2 weeks to get back to me and I ended up figuring it out on my own by then.

I thought about your post and how frustrated I was with this app in the beginning and I made a YouTube video to show what I’ve learned so far.

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