My gfr went from 88 to 57 in 6 months

Hello, I’m experiencing a similar situation. Six months ago, my creatinine levels measured at 89, but today they’re at 66. Despite following a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and even joining a CrossFit club, I haven’t noticed any improvement. I’m old and overall feel fine, with no pain. However, I find myself needing to get up once or twice a night to urinate. It’s puzzling, and I’m unsure of what’s causing these changes.

It’s puzzling to see your creatinine levels drop despite your healthy lifestyle efforts. While it’s good you’re feeling fine overall, the need to urinate frequently at night is worth discussing with your doctor.

Consider scheduling an appointment to investigate further and track any other symptoms for your healthcare provider. Take care and stay proactive about your health!

Definitely curious, especially with you being on top of your health game and all. The CrossFit and staying hydrated part should technically be all good for your body, but bodies can be weirdly unique like that, huh?

Could be a bunch of different things causing it, and getting a full kidney function test might give you some clarity.