Methotrexate hair loss

Hi everyone, I have RA and have been taking Mtx for about 6 years. I take a high dose folic acid supplement every day apart from the day I take my Mtx. I am also on Humira injections every other week.

When I ran out of folic acid a few years ago I lost masses of hair and (at the time) hadn’t realised that was why I had to take the supplement. I have been diligent about it ever since but I still lose more hair than is normal and always have sprouty new hairs like a mini mohican! My hair isn’t thin anymore as seems to regrow rapidly but it’s not nice like it used to be.

I have read on this forum that some of you are taking additional supplements such as vit D and calcium and was wondering what combination people have had the most success with. Any other tips gratefully received as well.

Many thanks!