Low iron symptoms female

Hello everyone!

In order to assist others, I would love to start a thread where individuals can record all of the symptoms they have of iron deficiency or anemia.

As usual, the doctor’s explanations are frequently vague and limited on official medical information pages.

My signs have included:

  • weariness and depletion
  • hair thinning
  • fragile nail ripping or tearing
  • vertical grooves on nails
  • a pounding noise in one’s ears when dozing off
  • extremely dry skin
  • pale skin
  • constantly chapped lips
  • the anxious mind goes into overdrive
  • depression severe enough to cause tears, despair
  • chilly feet and hands
  • subconcious jaw clenching and TMJ during menstruation
  • breaking exhaustion, discomfort, and weakness in the first two days of period

What are your signs? Let’s help each other!