Long term spotting

Hi, I contacted my GP regarding my periods. I’m 53 and just recently my periods have gone mad. For the past 3+ weeks I’ve either been spotting or bleeding with maybe the odd day in between with nothing. She’s also sending me for an ultrasound to hopefully eliminate anything sinister. Until the age of 50 I was on the contraceptive pill and had been for the best part of 30 years.

The past 16 days I’ve actually been bleeding constantly, losing clots daily and actually resorting to incontinence underwear to contain the flow. I’m actually feeling very anxious and jittery as well, the GP thinks this could be low iron levels and I’m awaiting a blood test to confirm this.

Ive just found this forum and I’m actually relieved that I’m not the only one going through this. My GP actually made me feel that what I’m going through isn’t normal and has made my anxiety go through the roof. To read that other ladies are actually spotting for most of the month with heavy bleeding accompanying it is a relief. This is the first month this has happened to me. I have been having irregular periods with only 3 weeks beteeen them but they would only last 4/5 days with only 2 heavy clotting painful days… I’m really hoping this last month is due to hormone levels going crazy and can’t wait for the ultrasound to hopefully put my mind at rest.