Linking my app and the online login

Greetings - how do you link the app and the desktop together? I need to export my data from the app.

Thank you!


Did you sign up with your email or a social network ? In these cases the login is the same. If you used your Apple ID then we will need to enable a setting for you to connect them.


I too would like to know how to synch my desktop to the app. I used apple ID to install on my phone and signed in with my email on the desktop. I’m not seeing anything I added on the desktop reflected in the phone app.

Did you use the Apple relay service to generate a temporary email? If so, the email in the App and on the desktop are likely different, therefore you have two accounts.

If you used the same email (and your username is the same), please go into the App and tap “More” from the bottom tab navigator > then tap “Settings” then scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says “Backup & Sync” to sync your data.

Please note: We do not support Apple relay emails on the desktop app at the moment, but it is on our roadmap.