Label Render Issues

Labeling within the “Symptom Tracker” app is incredibly buggy. I’ve added a new label for “Shoulder Pain” (and variations of that label thereunto) a few times over the last couple of days and each time it gets erased under symptoms and the name overwritten with some random other label name in the logs. Uploaded a few screenshots of what that value got switched to (other symptom names redacted for privacy). You can see one of my comments makes sense in the context of shoulder issues, but that label got switched to “Heavy Heart Beating” for some reason. Screenshots are taken from the “Log” page, and yes I saved the labelname correctly and linked it up to a saved condition previously. It constantly gets erased from my symptoms page after the fact. I’ve noticed this issue getting reported by other users with no actual resolution to it. So reporting it so that maybe it gets some needed developer attention.

I have to meet with my doctor tomorrow and was hoping to use this app as evidence of journaling - a lot of good it’s going to do me trying to explain that “diabetes” means shoulder pain. Please review.

A second image example (since your app only lets me upload 1 image per comment for some reason)

And a 3rd image example.