Itchy Skin - advice please

Hi, I’m a 35-year-old, male, 5’11". Two years ago, I had low vitamin D levels and abnormal liver function tests, leading to a diagnosis of fatty liver after a liver ultrasound. Recently, I’ve been actively losing weight, dropping from 17st5lb to 16st3lb by switching to healthier foods like whole grains, nuts, lean chicken, and soy milk, with a daily calorie intake of around 1400.

However, I’ve been experiencing generalized itching for the past two weeks, which has escalated in concern over the last week. Despite trying antihistamines and moisturizers, the itching persists without any visible rash or specific location. Given my history of fatty liver, I’m worried this might indicate a recurrence, potentially Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Yet, I’m also considering an allergy, possibly to soy, prompting my switch to almond milk.

I have a doctor’s appointment tonight to determine if this itching could be related to PBC, a soy allergy, or something else entirely.

It’s essential to discuss your recent symptoms with your doctor, considering your history of fatty liver and recent dietary changes, as it could indicate a recurrence or allergy-related issue requiring further evaluation and management.

It sounds like you’re being proactive in seeking answers, which is really important. Keeping track of symptoms and potential triggers, like the switch to almond milk, can provide valuable insights. How was your doctor’s appointment?