Infection in bowel?

Hey everyone.
About 3 years ago, I had a bad case of food poisoning and since then, I’ve been dealing with a range of issues like loose stools, constipation, underactive thyroid, persistent bloating, and mucus in stools. Initially diagnosed with IBS, then later found out I had SIBO through a breath test. Changed my diet, which helped with pain and inflammation, but still dealing with frequent trips to the bathroom. Also had parasites at one point, which I treated with a dietician/herbalist.
Recently, had another bout of food poisoning, diagnosed with gastroenteritis, and now dealing with burning stomach sensation, fatigue, urgency, and more. Blood tests show everything’s “fine” except for a high white blood cell count indicating some infection my body’s fighting off. On antibiotics now and waiting for further tests. Wondering if anyone’s been through something similar or thinks these persistent symptoms might be due to an undiagnosed infection. The anxiety that comes with gastro issues is no joke – currently not working and life’s on hold due to intense symptoms. Any advice or insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hearing about what you’ve been going through makes me very sorry. Managing these chronic problems and continuous testing seems immensely difficult and irritating. It makes sense that your life feels like it’s on hold at the moment, and you’re not the only one who experiences worry when dealing with stomach problems. Persist and remember that there are individuals out there who care about you and want to support you.