Images won’t upload

Unable to upload images to diary check in. App is up to date.

Do you have version 4.3?

I can confirm the fix in v4.3 works!

I’ve tried to add/edit/delete in multiple ways. Quick check-in, Normal Check-in. With and without photo. Editing with and without photo.

They all work OK for me in v4.3

Regards David.

I have the latest update as well, but no, it is still not allowing me to post any photos.

What is exactly going wrong?
Can you select a image? Does the app have the rights?

Did you check if you have version 4.3?

How do you Check-in? From the TodayScreen (that is a Quick Check-in that had a bug) or from the Check-in button in the middle?
Did you try both ways? And did you have the same issue with bith ways?

Regards David

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