How to pop pilonidal cyst

Hi, everyone hope you are all ok!

Around 6 days a I started suffering from pain in my coccyx area, thought nothing of it as I usually get pain in this area and it goes within a couple of days. Anyway this time was different, I started noticing a small red lump on the coccyx area which was causing a great amount of pain so I went to the doctors, my doctor said it is a small cyst and she prescribed me antibiotics. It has been 4 days since taking the antibiotics and the effected area has trebled in size and become extremely painful! Earlier today I was lying down when I noticed the cyst had burst with yellow pus coming out, the area went immediately flat and then within 10 minutes it was back to its original size! Is that normal? I am unable to get into my doctors until next week now and I am worried about what to do as this is my first ever pilonidal cyst! I go on holiday to gran canaria next Saturday which is now looking unlikely :frowning: what do I do now it has burst? I’m thinking of going to my local walk on center? Thankyou so much for your help