How to lower Prolactin?

Asking on behalf of my friend, she had high Prolactin levels in her blood tests last year and was referred to a specialist, but never received the letter. Concerned about her fertility as she wants to conceive, she wonders if high prolactin can prevent pregnancy entirely. Despite having regular periods and only experiencing lactation as a symptom, she sought advice from her GP after noticing lactation persisting. Her GP ordered another blood test but mentioned no treatment options if the results were high, despite her knowledge of medications that can help. She’s worried about being told she couldn’t have children due to high prolactin. Is it real that having high prolactin can prevent pregnancy?

High prolactin can definitely impact fertility, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent pregnancy entirely.

Good for your friend for being proactive! Getting those new blood test results will be a big step. Medications are available to lower prolactin, even if her GP didn’t mention them.

Your friend should consult with a specialist to explore treatment options and address concerns about fertility.