How much coffee do you consume daily?

How often do you drink coffee daily? Aside from the common jitters, do you experience any other ‘side effects’ ? I find that I get a mild headache after my second cup, and don’t get good sleep if I get 3 cups day.

I personally do not drink caffeine as it is too strong. I prefer the caffeine from tea more.

But maybe you can try spacing out your coffees to avoid headaches. Track it down in the log!

I’ve been able to see a direct correlation for sure. Will give green tea a try, however I feel like it doesn’t give me the kick that coffee does.

Let me know how it goes!

Only one cup in the mornings. I struggle with migraines and I find if I routinely have more than that I get my headaches more frequently. I’ve heard caffeine is supposed to be good, but I guess everyone’s different.

I personally drink only 1 cup in the morning but I don’t drink it daily just because I feel a little anxious when I have too much caffeine. I found the calendar to be good for keeping track of which dates I drink coffee

Yes, if that is the case it is definitely good to track your consumption. I love that feature about CC, though I use it to track other intake.