How I'm Improving Vyvanse Onset Time

Hey everyone, been on Vyvanse for ADHD for a while now and thought I’d share some stuff I’ve figured out as it might help someone else.

First off, it takes forever for Vyvanse to kick in – which is by design – Vyvanse is a prodrug, so your body has to metabolize it into the active form, which takes about an hour.

Kind of a bummer when you’re waiting to get into the zone, but makes sense for that all-day focus.

One thing I’ve noted is that Vyvanse relieves symptoms better with Coffee. I know coffee’s just more stimulants on top, but it feels different than just coffee or Vyvanse alone. It’s not just me, right? What could be causing this? Should they tweak their med so there’s initial relief (to an extent) then sustained release? I do feel that the effects are just better with coffee overall regardless of onset time even… and Yes, I get enough sleep already as well, and I don’t drink heaps of coffee daily etc.

Skipping my morning orange juice since Vitamin C apparently messes with how your body absorbs Vyvanse. Switched to having more protein in my breakfast instead, and it seems like it’s making things smoother? Apparently protein helps as it balances PH?

Been tracking all this on the CareClinic App to see what’s making a difference. It’s pretty neat to look back and see patterns or what changes when I tweak things. Plus, reading about what works for others on here has given me some good ideas to try.

Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there. If anyone’s got their own tips or experiences, would love to hear 'em. Always looking for ways to make this whole thing work better.

Thanks for sharing your insights on Vyvanse!! Please keep experimenting and sharing your experiences!