How are you coping with loneliness during COVID?

As many people are self isolating, work remotely and generally are not traveling and meeting family or friends as much as they use to… How are you passing the time at home and coping with the ‘new normal’? Are you trying any new hobbies, using Facetime/zoom much more?

It is definitely a rough time. I have been staying in touch via video calls, phone calls. But the benefit of more time is that I have time to focus on self care. I have found more time to begin a healthier lifestyle- working out and watching what I eat. Of course, there is always Netflix…


Totally get the Netflix part! Any specific shows you recommend? :slight_smile:

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I really enjoy the series The 100. It is very sci fi. The Umbrella Academy is also neat to watch, very similar to X-men. Is there any series you’d recommend?

Facetiming friends!! skribblr is also really fun to play in a group over a zoom call…basically online pictionary!

Oh thank you for that tip. I will definitely try it out!

I’m not a fan of zoom or technology, what else can I do to avoid the likelihood of getting COVID?