GoogleFit and blood pressure

Hi there

To me it’s a must, that the GoogleFit integration works - more specifically that the blood pressure measurements from GoogleFit are synced. The option is there, but only when setting up the initial integration, then data is collected. When heading to Integrations, then the GoogleFit is set to OFF, but when checking settings for the GoogleFit, then both Activity and Measurements are ticked ON.

What am I missing here?


Can you share a screencast or video of the data being imported initially when turned on, and then browsing to the Measurements screen and showing blood pressure?


Unfortunately nothing to share. I’m able to select how many days back I wanna sync data from, and then nothing happens.


… but is this related to the fact that the sync seems to be off even though inside the settings measurements are ticked on?

// Bo

Maybe are you able to share a video of the measurement screen as well?

Sure. Here it is:

Newest blood pressure measurement is from today, but CareClinic shows Saturday. Losing quite a lot of trial time to evaluate app here :frowning: