Floating stools pancreatic cancer

So, I admit I’m a huge health anxiety freak, and I do see someone for it. Still when issues pop up, I panic. A little over two weeks ago I noticed my stools were floating. I didn’t think anything about it at first, because from time to time it happens. But it has now happened for every single stool since then (about 20 or so). Otherwise the stools appear normal. I did the worst thing possible and used Google to find that PC is a possibility, albiet with a lot of other things that could cause it as well. I sent a message to my doctor and he basically said it’s probably nothing but if it continues and there is a bad odor I should come in for tests.

So basically at this point I’m freaking out, just over floating poop. But I haven’t changed my diet at all (in fact I’ve quit eating sweet snacks AND pop since this started hoping it would help), so I can’t get it out of my head. I hate having this anxiety take over my life. Anyway, any encouraging thoughts would be helpful. I’m basically just looking for reassurance, anywhere, at this point.

Thanks for reading…