Female pain under left rib cage back

For the past five months, I’ve experienced recurrent soreness beneath my lower left ribs. Blood tests are normal. Complete cardiac checkup, everything was normal. For the first several days, the discomfort seemed like a huge, painful ball beneath my ribcage, and I had trouble sitting. You can walk, stand, and so on. It felt like something was pulling at my ribs, so lying down didn’t help.

Dealing with recurrent soreness beneath your lower left ribs for five months sounds tough. Even though tests are coming back normal, feeling like there’s a painful ball under your ribcage and having trouble sitting must be really frustrating.

It’s odd that nothing seems to alleviate the discomfort, even lying down. Keep talking to your doctor about it to figure out what’s going on and find some relief soon.

Consider consulting with a specialist who can further investigate potential causes beyond what standard tests may reveal. Exploring options such as imaging studies or consultations with gastroenterologists or musculoskeletal experts might provide additional insights.