Factors and Symptom Correlations

Hey, I like the app and being able to easily put in daily symptoms and factors everyday. I feel like the examination of the factors and symptoms isn’t so easy.

The factors graph is hard to read since the lines and dots cover eachother up. I know I can switch them on and off with the eye button, but it doesn’t work well when I am doing a correlation with the symptoms. When I select or deselect my factors to look at them, I get varying results of what actually shows up.

I’m also confused by the way the correlation notes that are created at the bottom. It always says what impact my symptom has on my factors. This should be the other way. I would rather it say my social interaction (factor) had an impact on my anxiety (a symptom). Right now it says that my anxiety has a positive impact on my social interaction or my diarrhea has a positive impact on going to work haha. I think it’s kind of funny but would like it fixed.


Thanks for your kind words. Is it possible get some screenshots or a video to better understand what you are saying (where data is covering one another). Can you explain what you mean by you get varying results of what actually shows up?

To see the impact of Factors on Symptoms, start by going to the Factors chart and selecting “Symptoms” with the “Compare & Correlate” button. Let me know if that helps.