Eye pressure medicine

I have been a Glaucoma Suspect since 2023 because of Ocular Hypertension. I then started to see an Ophthalmologist who would put me through a complete set of exams.

He never mentioned what my eye pressures were but I do recall him calling out the number of 21 . He did mention to me that my Vision Tests were normal and that they would keep an eye on my optic nerve. Well this went on for years with little ever being said except for the fact that i seem to have a very thick cornea and he said that was good for me.

Now lets jump to the present and I have a new doctor because my older doctor retired, she also told me that my tests we good and to come back and see her. So now after my appointment with her she would like me to come back in six months because my eye pressure was 17 and she was surprised because all the previous years it was 21 . She did mention to me that if the pressure remained in the 20 we may want to start talking about medication. This kinda of took me by surprise because this was the first I ever heard of medication for this. I should also mention that for the last year I never once looked up eye pressure and Glaucoma on the internet ( well this month I did ) and I should never of done it , you get all kinds of stories and information out there and for the most part all i heard was eventual blindness. This has raised my Anxiety levels through the roof.

I am hoping for some freak of nature of pressure has actually gone down on there own and i would not need the medication at this time. I was wondering if anyone out there also has very thick corneas and how if any did it play out in your diagnosis and treatment . The thought of the eye drops scares me a lot because of all the different side effects I heard on the web.