Effects on & Contributor

How are we suppose to read the “effects on and contributor” portion under our medications? Don’t understand what it’s trying to say with green arrow, orange neutral arrow, and red arrow… hopefully my question makes sense…

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Supplements and Medications can affect you differently, so if you take Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D together, it will effect (and in this case, increase) your “Insulin Sensitivity” (this is the bold topic on top), with “Increased by” showing below it (with references to studies if you tap on it for each supplement that increases or decreases it). The Scale on the right lets us know the magnitude of change/total effect.

The magnitude isn’t just the total amount of supplements, rather the sum of all the effects. E.g. If you take Ashwagandha (-1), Magnesium (-1) and also Modafinil (+1), your Blood pressure will be affected and the Magnitude scale will show -1.

It is an advanced feature for those that want to get a better sense of what medications and supplements are doing on average potentially. It is best you show this to your doctor before jumping to any conclusions.

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